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My very first scripty job in the movie biz was with Jim Christopher and Twitchy Dolphin for the first installment of his series, Were Bitches. If you work in Austin, the odds are high that you’ve met Jim because he makes a film at least once a year. And Jim has parlayed all these connections into his real time indie film festival, Austin Revolution Film Festival, or ARFF for short. Knowing Jim, the acronym is no accident. He is a fun loving creature above all else and his enthusiasm for, and the energy he devotes to the indie film scene…

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Zombie Jesus at the Festivals

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Bill Hass is the organizer of the Forth Worth Indie Film Fest, and when I met him last month, he had a sorta dazed look in his eyes. “I just have to tell you that I really enjoyed your film,” he told me, “but I had to watch it twice to appreciate it.” He laughed. “The first time I was just a little like, what?” I thought Love your Enemies Boot Camp was such a great idea: “Ten weeks to a more loving you!” Zombie Jesus is not about Christianity; it’s about loving your enemies using friendly zombies and confused…

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