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Dan Siegle

producer . vfx

Dan Siegle . Video Producer . VFX

Before joining the Tall Tale Pictures team, Dan began his 3-D graphics career as a holographic artist for Zebra Imaging creating data sets for 3-D holograms. Dan’s career began at the University of Central Florida where he received a BSE in Computer Engineering, Just out of college, he worked at Singer-Link Flight Simulation as an engineer/programmer on the F-16 flight simulator and as a software engineer at NASA on the next generation mission control at the Johnson Space Center.

After moving to Austin with oil and gas R&D company Magic Earth, Dan retired from computer programming when Halliburton bought the company for an obscene amount of stock just before the stock value fell to near zero. Penniless and without a coat to his name, Dan wandered the streets calling out the name of his dear old mom until a fair young maiden heard his plaintive cries. Her kiss returned him to his princely status and they were married on the bow of the newly raised Titanic and honeymooned on the International Space Station with Russian oligarchs and the ghost of  Leonard Nimoy.

other interests

ultralight flight

military history

horror movies


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