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Michael Morlan

producer . DoP . editor

Michael Morlan . Director of Photography . Editor

Michael started in production in 1988 as a 3D animator/compositor for a large architectural firm in Houston TX where he received an intense introduction to light, form, color, and composition as well as experience in visual effects, compositing, editing, and directing. After a couple years as a freelance broadcast graphics designer, he moved to Austin in 1995 to work as a writer, director, and animator for computer game developer, Origin Systems. In 2006, Michael became a full-time cinematographer, shooting hundreds of commercials, music videos, industrials, and feature films.

Michael’s life took a hard left turn during production of, “Mama Dearest,” when the star of that film lost her mind after shooting 157 takes staring at her reflection in a koi pond and had Michael banished to a remote village in Tibet where he spent seven years learning the ancient wisdom of the monks and hacking into the IRS data base to erase his tax debt.

Upon returning to the US, Michael joined the Sicilian mafia where he pledged undying allegiance to his Don in exchange for perpetual upgrades in Red camera packages.  Lenses are extra.

other interests

fabrication & electronics

broadway show tunes

social justice

hauling rocks

experience & expertise

  • architectural & interior design
  • carpentry & home renovation
  • embedded electronics & IoT
  • computer game development
  • classical music & violin performance
  • database & C++ programming
  • studio engineering . studio & concert
  • multi-media event producing & directing

Michael’s other work

a selection of projects beyond Tall Tale Pictures

narrative reel

commercial/corporate reel

reality reel

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