GOLFSMITH APPROACHED US to produce a series of one-off videos and interstitials for their annual sales conference – a two-day, staged presentation for their vendors.

Mission: Possible served as a humorous introduction for two sales executives who, as the video was wrapping up, appeared in the darkened room with flashlights and landed on stage with a big entrance.

Inspired by the 1960’s television show, we concepted, produced, shot, mographed, composited, and edited this piece. Pretty much concept to completion.

client . Golfsmith
creative . Tall Tale Pictures
producer . Michael Morlan
director/DoP . Michael Morlan
editor/mograph . Michael Morlan

Golfsmith . Mission: Possible

  • creative
  • production
  • directing
  • videography
  • motion graphics
  • editorial
  • sound design