MEET GEOFF ISAAC STEWART, GIS IDEOLOGIST. He’s a man of his time and just trying to keep up in the Information Age.

Richard Wade with the Texas Natural Resources Information System wanted something fun with which to open their annual conference; a mockumentary, shot in the style of The Office, complete with unflattering lighting, uncomfortable pauses, and inside humor.

Tall Tale Pictures helped Richard refine his idea into an employee “profile” featuring the TNRIS team members, including one of our favorite Austin actors, Scot Friedman, in the title role of “Geoff Isaac Stewart – GIS Ideologist.”

client . TNRIS
production . Tall Tale Pictures
writer . Richard Wade
director . Carla Siegle
DoP/editor . Michael Morlan

TNRIS . Mockumentary

  • creative
  • writing
  • directing
  • videography
  • editorial
  • sound design
  • sfx makeup by Hawgfly