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Zombie Jesus at the Festivals

ZJ-Meanie-3-shot-avatar Bill Hass is the organizer of the Forth Worth Indie Film Fest, and when I met him last month, he had a sorta dazed look in his eyes. “I just have to tell you that I really enjoyed your film,” he told me, “but I had to watch it twice to appreciate it.” He laughed. “The first time I was just a little like, what?”

I thought Love your Enemies Boot Camp was such a great idea: “Ten weeks to a more loving you!”

Zombie Jesus is not about Christianity; it’s about loving your enemies using friendly zombies and confused Austinites. I liked the idea of a battle worn Jesus still going door to door 2000 years later, tenaciously promoting love as a life strategy. The irony is that no one reacts to them with love. It’s a zombie POV movie — which I think we need more of. After all, metaphorically speaking, we’re the zombies, right? I wish this well-made film, shot and edited by our very own DP, Michael Morlan, had made it into more festivals, because I love its theme. The directive, “Love your Enemies”, ought to out-rank “Eye for an Eye” in a google search, but it doesn’t. So what are we going to do about it? I thought Love your Enemies Boot Camp was such a great idea. “Ten weeks to a more loving you!” But no one has brought it up after a festival showing. The film did win a Gold Remi in Houston and a few Best Comedy awards at smaller festivals, my favorite being “Best International Zombie Short for the month of December 2015.”

Meanwhile in the outside world, the mass shootings rage on. Sigh.